Roland VGA7 Fender stratocaster Gk2a midi pickup

Roland VGA7 guitaramp and Fender stratocaster 96 (Gk2a built in midi pickup).

A demo of the old Roland VGA7 and a Fender strat 96 (built in GK2a midi pick up and L.R. Braggs X tremelo bridge pick up.)
We have used preset 25 an Ovation emulation. The improvisation is in the key of A.
Just close your eyes… and does it sound like the real thing?

The VGA7 has a built in stereo hifi loudspeakers and tweeters also great to amplify your acoustic guitar. Through the stereo aux input you play (e.g.) a mp3 player, looping device or a syntheziser without any distortion.

BTW. This combination is for sale (only in the Netherlands).

A great Sound On Sound Roland VGA7 review written by Paul White
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